Holistic Disciple Making Masterclass & Certification


You can have immediate access to all the material from our Holistic Disciple Making Intensives – and purchase the course for your personal use, at the time that is best for you.

We are calling it our Holistic Disciple Making Masterclass & Certification. You can get all the material from these in-depth discussions in both video and written form, online assessments, and Discipleship.org’s certification.




A deep-dive into the principles of Jesus-style disciple making. Participants gain a masterclass level of understanding, and, upon course completion, a certification from discipleship.org.

Content – this course is based upon Discipleship.org’s 10 Affirmations and the Holistic Disciple Making Webinar series by Discipleship.org. This material is the foundation of the ministry of Discipleship.org and was a collaborative effort by Jim Putman, Bobby Harrington, Robert Coleman, Bill Hull, Dann Spader, Todd Wilson, Francis Chan, Robby Gallaty and others.

Teachers – the videos (11 of them) are 60-minute recordings of Ted-style talks and live discussions on the core disciple making principles by national disciple making leaders click here to see the list.

Certification – receive a Discipleship.org Certificate of Completion

  1. Join both group discussions
  2. Watch all 11 sessions (complete all session quizzes)
  3.  Complete both online assessments

An Outline of the Course:

  • Individual Disciple Maker Assessment
  • Church Disciple Making Culture Assessment
  • Online Group Orientation to the Assessments and the National Survey
  • 11 Recordings and Quizzes
    • Introduction: Why is Disciple Making Important Today?
      • Hosted By: Bobby Harrington
      • Speakers: Jim Putman, Drew Hyun
    • Session 1: How to Use Scripture in Disciple Making 
      • Hosted By: Bobby Harrington 
      • Speakers: John Plake, Brooke Hempell
    • Session 2: Effectiveness Requires Clear Definitions in Disciple Making
      • Hosted By: Bobby Harrington 
      • Speakers: David Young, Michelle Eagle, Steve Gladen
    • Session: 3: How to Teach a Discipleship Gospel
      • Hosted by: Cindy Perkins
      • Bill Hull, Dan Leitz  Earl McKay
    • Session 4: What compels a person to be a disciple and make disciples?
      • Hosted by: Bobby Harrington
      • Speakers: Greg Ogden, Joanne Kraft, Danny Hinton
    • Session: 5: How to Make Disciples the Way Jesus Made Disciples 
      • Hosted by: Ariyana Rimson
        Speakers: Jim Putman, Brandon Guindon
    • Session 6: How Love Drives Disciple Making 
      • Hosted by: Bobby Harrington
      • Speakers: Pete Scazzero, Geri Scazzero
    • Session 7: What are Disciple Making Metrics? 
      • Hosted by: Bobby Harrington
      • Speakers: Dann Spader, Craig Etheredge, Myron Pierce
    • Session: 8: Experience the Spirit’s Power in Disciple Making
      • Hosted by: Bobby Harrington
      • Speakers: Dave Buehring, David Ferguson
    • Session 9: How to Make Disciple Making the Core Mission of the Church 
      • Hosted by: Bobby Harrington 
      • Speakers: Justin Gravitt, Steve McCoy, Alex Mata
    • Session 10: How Multiplying Disciple Makers Fuels Movements 
      • Hosted by: Bobby Harrington 
      • Speakers: Shodankeh Johnson, Daniel Im, Dave Ferguson
  • 11 Written Summaries of each session (2,500-3,000 Words)
  • eBook summary of all sessions
  • Online Group Discussion to summarize top learnings